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Landscapes in acrylic

Dear Reader, I have been crazy busy these past few months and I have allowed my blogging to lapse! But that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting! I have been honing my art skills and have been painting more landscape scenes of late.  Perspective, depth and shading GAH! I am truly a beginner here but I am pleased with these few that I share with you today.
I was totally inspired by Ryan O'Rourke of 10 minute painting on YT and I definitely have learnt a lot from his method of teaching.
1- Mountains in the distance.

2- Misty forest 

3- Cherry Blossom View to the Mountains 
Thank you for stopping by. Cheers, Amira :)

On the Bunny Trail: Happy Egg Hunt

Dear Crafters,
Easter is my favourite time!!

I allow myself certain luxuries! Ferrero Rochers.... Hot Cross Buns from Brumbies with Nutella in them... Nutella on white bread....
Now back to crafting *lol*
I have ALWAYS wanted to make myself an egg carton project and this year was the year to do it!
This is a project I made for my design team at Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft
For this project you will need:

*said egg carton (preferably empty) *crackle medium (which I've had in my cupboard for AGES) * 2 colors - one light, one dark I chose colony blue and although the picture here shows gold, I decided against it and went with a flesh tone instead
Step 1: Add the dark color first

Be prepared to spend ages here! The material that cartons are made of is highly absorbent and it just sucked the paint right up so if you wanted to use up a lot of paint, here is your chance. There are also many crevices which cover a large surface area so I'm just saying- make sure you have plenty …