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Winter Couture- AmiraInOz Style :)

Hi everyone,

This is another totally self-indulgent non-crafty blog post.

After cleaning out my really outdated wardrobe, I am looking at gorgeous new fashions for 2016.
My girlfriend recently posted this pic which sparked my attention:

And then as I walked through the mall last week, I spied these which I am hoping to go back and try and hope to be rocking in the winter of 2016

Look at the back of this one....

Love the shirt insert jumpers as they are called. But they range in $$ from $79.95 to $109.95 so I fear I may have to do a couple of non-spend craft months to have some gorgeous new clothes <3
What are you girls wearing this winter of 2016???

2016- My year to be organised :)

Hi everyone,
This is going to be a bit of a different blog post. Not crafty! Sorry in advance.
Soon after my boys went back to school and after a very busy sandy summer holiday, I looked around my house and found it...well, lets say a little tired and not very organised.
So i joined the 2016 Clean and Organised Home Challenge by How Jen does it on Youtube.  It starts here. Be warned- thats all I have to say!!
I started in the pantry.
Here's what it looked like before.

My problem is people just put things back wherever they like. GRRRRR

And that bottom section was RIDICULOUS!!  Bags, lunch boxes DOUBLE GRRRR
So I pulled everything out!! It was horrific!!

How can so much fit in this tiny space???

I cleaned and sanitised the pantry and then I got to re-organised it and labelling every single darn shelf and container. Hopefully, now everything will go back where it belongs. I remembered a slogan that Jo Frost used to say when I used to watch her show years ago:
A place for everything a…

Tags of 2016 Catch Up- February & March

Hi All,
So sorry, blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat to LIFE! And life has been super busy- so blessed, not complaining- just wish my clone could be blogging for me to keep this blog up to date and NOT backed up :)

So this is February's Tag by Tim

I loved making this tag because it gave me the opportunity to use up some of these vintage mini pics i had of my mom as a university student.

Here is Tim's March Tag:

I did manage to remember to take steps during the process this time. I LOVBED this tag because I got to use my gelato instead of the distress crayons he used. Secretly, I think those crayons are his way of getting in on gelatos market!!

I die cut some butterflies, applied Versamark, added gold embossing powder then heat set!

Look how fab they turned out?? Why haven't I done this to stock up on gold butterflies before??
And here is my tag!!

I love it!! I love how it turned out looking at professional as Tim's. I also love the gold embossing as along th…