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Progress with Gooliope Jellington: A Face Repaint Saga

Dear Reader,

Here I am with another update on my Gooliope!
Ive had her for about a month now and Ive finally worked up the guts to modify her. So here she is out of the box with the gear she came in. Very FREAK du Chique!

The first order of business was to remove that LIPSTICK!

Ah! I feel better already. 

She looks like she is winking at me here. But once you've started you can't go back! This was not my first time at a face repaint but strangely enough, I did get that "First Time Butterfly Syndrome". I take that as a sign that this is important to me and plugged on.

Alright, so all factory paint has been removed (with 100% acetone). She is washed with warm soapy water and dried. I then spray her with a couple of coats of Krystal Kote and begin.

I apply a thin layer of gesso primer and find the placement of her pupils.

I did decide on giving her brown eyes. I also sketched in her eyebrows.

Next, her lips.

Here she is for now in her all divine gloominess (sorry I sho…

12 Tags of 2015- August Tag

Dear Reader,
I couldn't wait to get to this month's tag- I really loved the look of Tim's and knew exactly the picture I was going to use for mine!
This is Tim's tag for August:
And here is mine!!

This tag uses a very special picture I have of my Mom and my Nanna!!

I love the way my Nanna is looking up at Mom. Like she is SO PROUD of her. I think my Mom knew it too.

I thought the phrase I use here was very appropriate. Because my Mom really does leave a sparkle everywhere she goes. Her house is spotless!!

I love these acetate / 3D butterflies and they seemed so appropriate to use here.

I also love this tag with the brad because it features cities in Egypt where both my parents were born and raised.
This tag was very special to me and I know I can not give it away so I made another one for my swap partner. 
And here it is. Can you guess who this famous person is?

Let me give you a hint:

She is from the UK and she is associated with a lantern.

I love this quote for her …

Robots & Gears- a perfect combination!

Dear Reader:
As you may or may not know, I have 2 boys and for as long as I can remember, it has been a struggle for me to make masculine cards. Well, I think I have broken through that fear barrier because I really enjoy making boy cards now. 
I found this great free digital robot stamp here and went to work colouring them in using my Kaiser Fusion markers. 

And because I love to, I fussy cut them out giving me 12 images for robot cards...woohoo!!

Now, what better embellishment to use with robots than gears. 

I thought I would give Kaisercraft's  Cogs die-set a try.
So I usually begin making a card by picking out patterned paper for a background and adhere it to my white card leaving about a quarter of an inch border.

Next, I cut the gears out of black card stock and place them where I would like them on the background.

Next, I matted my chosen robot image to black card stock, which I then adhered to contrasting colour card stock leaving a quarter-inch border.

Next thing- a senti…

Who is Gooliope Jellington?

Dear readers,

I caved! As soon as the new 17" Monster High Doll hit the shops I bought her. Well, I waited till the toy sale (which started 2 weeks after she started appearing at our local Target) but I still call that caving.

When I saw her I thought UGH! PINK! And her hair! UGH! And the gloop bits! UGH!
But I still bought her.
I kept her in her box for 2 weeks. I told myself I was taking her back. That I don't do dolls. But then I opened her up and started playing:
Yeah...she looks odd! That hair is weird and that dress is weird.
I gathered her hair back, and made a quick knit dress for her out of my knee-length Hello Kitty Sock.

She still looks strange!! Her factory lipstick does not conform to the features of her face mould! Urghh! Quality control boo-boo!

Yet there is something magnetic about her.
Who is she? How do I get to know her?
I think to do this, you need to personalise her! Take away all the factory-ness!
Lets start with the hair!!

Should she have brown hair? I…