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Gratitude - My word for 2017 -

Dear Readers,

It's interesting how every year I find just the perfect word  that best describes how to problem solve issues in my life. This year I chose gratitude as my word for the year.

I found this perfect quote by Anne Lamott- Gratitude is Peace and I think it's going to be a good one for me.

When household chores get on top of me, I will be grateful that I have a home.
When the kids are too much to handle, I will be grateful I was blessed with motherhood.
When work is so stressful I can't breathe, I will be grateful I am employed.
When life seems so tragic and painful, I will be grateful for the God above who will bring justice to the oppressed and the misfortunate on a day when His word will be supreme.

Grateful! I am grateful!
I did a process video in my Traveler's Notebook insert. You can watch it here

Thank you for stopping by. What is your word for 2017? xxAmiraInOz

Welcome 2017 - It's going to be a good one !!

We spent New Years Eve with family yesterday and then came home to address our ongoing issues on computer storage and internet! So gone are the days of dressing up and making dinner arrangements and trying SO HARD to stay up til midnight!
As we sat to delete duplicates and purging saved art videos, Dave turned around and said it's midnight and gave me the sweetest kiss!
Could not ask for a better start to the New Year <3  Family! Organisation! And love!  In no particular order. Thank you God- I am truly blessed <3 Wishing you all the good things in life. xxAmiraInOz

#12PaperClips of 2016

Dear Crafty Readers,

As I sit down to put together this post I am truly thankful.
To have been part of this challenge, to have stuck with this challenge and to have a wonderful piece of art to show for it. To keep as my very own and to see how my creative style is so broad and my interests span across many medias and that they can all fit on a tiny paper clip!!
I shared this on my Instagram and my Facebook and now want to share the video with you.

Check out my flip through here.
Thank you so much for staying with me this year!! xxAmiraInOz