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12 Tags of 2015- May Tag

Hello and Welcome Dear Reader,
Firstly, my apologies for being a bit late with posting my May Tag!!
It's not that I'm lazy. HONEST! I've just had A LOT on my plate lately. But I promise you, everything is slowly coming down to "acceptable crazy" levels rather than "all-out crazy busy".

On with the is Tim's Tag for May:

I knew as soon as I saw this tag that my grandmother's passport picture, that I have had in my drawer not knowing what to do with it, was going to be the feature item here. I also loved the idea of having a fabric tag..this was going to be a GOOD ONE!!

Here is how mine turned out:

I would say this month's tag was more a collage type- use-up- your- bits- and-pieces tag than an actual learning- a- new- technique tag. But Im ok with that!! I have drawers of bits and bobs!!

Just a closer look at my beautiful Nanna...Rest In Peace darling Nanna..we will be together soon God- Willing.....

Buttons and flowers!!! My scrap…

A Graphic 45 Tea-Cup

Hello again.
I couldn't resist showing you one more thing I made for Mom for Mother's day 2015. 
Please check out the card I made for her this year here.

I made her this paper-craft mug from the Raining Cat's and Dogs Collection.
I followed this tutorial I found on Youtube.

Love how it turned out!! I also added lace and blue ribbon along the lip of the cup to pick u some of the blue flowers from the patterned paper.

And the handle is very sturdy- I used hot glue and E6000 so that it's on there forever!

TADA!!! I feel as if I have arrived in G45 land *lol*
Next project- a paper doll house!!

A Prima Mom

Happy Mother's Day every one!!

I made a beautiful Mother's Day Card for my mom this year:

Please check out my guest post for Aunty Vera's Scrap and Craft to find out more about how I came up with this card and the design process.

So my little one (aged 7) always sits and watches me art and craft and this time, of course, he wanted to stamp and colour one of his very own.

 I thought it was interesting the colour palette he chose here. And he needs to work on his alcohol marker flicking technique *lol*.
I also had to sacrifice one of my 'soldiers' but  couldn't help giggling myself silly when he showed me what he had done. It was worth it!! I will cherish this little face forever!!

Don't you think it looks like something out of a Roald Dahl book??

HAHAHAHA!!! Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's and Grandmothers.