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Becky Higgins and Elizabeth Kartchner come to Perth

Hi everyone,
Had a lovely day meeting up with 2 great creative and charming ladies back in April.
I Vlogged about it here:

Here are some more pics I wanted to share with you:

3 in 1 Markets- April 2016

Dear All,

Went to the 3 in 1 markets in Claremont back in April and realised I never shared pics of my adventures.  So here you go :)  In no particular order :)
This is me about to enter the Antique section. 
This section is not my most favourite section as it is just table and tables of people selling their household wares. Always good for a look but it's not the one I go for.

I love the second market which is the Handmade Business Market.
My first stop was to visit a gorgeous stall by ScruffandCockRobin. You can find out more about them here:

All her handmade robots are made using 100% recycled parts

I had such a hard time making my decision. But I did settle on Gildy :)