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Scrapbooking Process for #ME Kaisercraft Collection

Hi all,

 I decided to do a scrapbooking process video using Kaisercraft's new collection #ME.

Here is Part 2:

Thanks for watching..


Prima Hybrids- Off with their heads!

Hi Everyone,

Im back again to show you what Ive been doing during the not so lazy summer holidays.

This is a project I shared as a Team designer on AuntyVera Scrap and Craft blog. You can check it out here.

Im one of those people who gets a bit bored with using the same stamps over and over again so I got this GREAT IDEA!!!

What would each Julie Nutting Doll look like if her head was placed on another body??

Lets test it out!!!

So to start off with, I only have the following Julie Nutting Doll Stamps:

Sea Sallie Mermaid

Nikki with the Peasant Dress:



And Aidan (the only boy stamp I have):

So the first thing I did was stamp them all out!!
This took lots of time and in my fervour, I didn't not take pictures at this stage.
But you know what that stage looks like !!

Let me just say that I use Archival Ink for all my stamping!!

Then, the next stage is the one that takes the most time!!

Colouring in (I use Kaiser Fusion Markers) or paper piecing (with scrapbooking paper because I must whittle down that growing pile of scraps!).

I did a bit of each to mix it up a bit.

And my favourite: FUSSY CUTTING!!!

Here is one I remembered to take a picture of:

Now for the grisly bit!!

I started chopping off the heads off each of the dolls!
If you are doll squeamish, look away now!!


Leaving behind lots of headless bodies...

Like this!!

Next, I decided to line things up by keeping the body constant and changing out the heads.

That stream-lined everything and I was set !!!

Queue the music!

Sit back and watch the fashion show!!

First in line- Here is Mermaid Sallie's body as you've never seen her before!!

From the left to the right-
Hybrid Mermaid Sallie with Aidan's head
Hybrid Mermaid Sallie with Nikki's head
Hybrid Mermaid Sallie with Taylor's head
Hybrid Mermaid Sallie with Meghan's head
And original Mermaid Sallie

Next in line is Aidan's body:

From the left to the right-
Original Aidan
Hybrid Aidan's body with Nikki's head
Hybrid Aidan's body with Taylor's head
Hybrid Aidan's body with Meghan's head
Hybrid Aidan's body with Mermaid Sallie's head

Aidan was the hardest of the group because he has a wider head and larger shoulders so I had to contour his neck to fit on the dainty shoulders of the girl stamps.

Next in line was Taylor's body:

From the left to the right-
Hybrid Taylor's Body with Aidan's head
Hybrid Taylor's Body with Nikki's head
Original Taylor
Hybrid Taylor's Body with Meghan's head
Hybrid And Taylor's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

Here comes Nikki's body:

From the left to the right-
Hybrid Nikki's Body with Aidan's head
Original Nikki
Hybrid Nikki's Body with Taylor's head
Hybrid Nikki's Body with Meghan's head
And Hybrid Nikki's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

And last of all, here is Meghan's body:

From the left to the right-
Hybrid Meghan's Body with Aidan's head
Hybrid Meghan's Body with Nikki's head
Hybrid Meghan's Body with Taylor's head
Original Meghan's
And Hybrid Meghan's Body with Mermaid Sallie's head

That was a lot of work!!
But don't they look fantastic?

Now just to show you how much work it was, take a look at this picture I took with them spread out on my dining table!

I had to stand up on the table to be able to show them all to you.

Hmmm, so this begs the question, what do I do with ALL these Hybrid dolls????
Any suggestions???
Also, which one is your fave???
I must say Mermaid Sally looks great on all the bodies.
Must be the way she has her hair :)

Would love to hear from you in the comments below.
I hope you found inspiration here.


Faux Woodgrain Background

Dear Readers,

I just LOVE the look of wood grain paper.
I think it looks exactly like weathered wood and sometimes I feel like if I reach out and touch, it might just feel like real wood. But of course, it is just the illusion - faux wood- if you will.

Here are 2 pieces of 12 x 12 paper I got from the recent Coastal Escape Collection by Kaisercraft

Look at all the details in these papers. The knots, the wood grain, the NAILS!! 
I love it SOOO much.

So I wondered if it was possible to find a technique that would allow you to take normal white card stock and turn it into a faux wood background.

I looked on the YT and found a few tutorials and pooled all the techniques to come up with my own way of making faux wood backgrounds:

Step 1: 

I scoured the paper with my Stampin' Scorer and created grooves vertically and horizontally

Step 2:
I  then flipped it over and used the raised scored grooves and added the darkest color to each ATC.
Mainly the colors I used for that where either Tuxedo Black or Espresso.

Step 3:
I chose 2 contrasting colors of my Tim Holtz mini ink pads. 
I chose the lightest color and dragged it unevenly but flatly across the paper.

Step 4:
Then I added a light layer of PVA glue with a credit card. Allow to dry.

Step 5:
The I added the darker of the ink colors all over

Step 6:
Then I wiped away the ink that sat on top of the glued areas (the glue acts as a resist).

Here are some of the backgrounds I came up with:

Walter Violet & Hickory Smoke

Fossilised amber & Faded jeans

Fossilised amber & Vintage Photo

Vintage photo & salty ocean

This was a mixture of fossilised amber, mowed lawn and espresso 

A mixture of smoked hickory, mowed lawn and fossilised amber.

Aren't they great??
Here they all are together:

After you make the background, I then got the feel for each of the mood it evoked within me (mumbo jumbo artists all now) and came up with a different style for each background.

Here they are one by one:




Romantic Spirit


And here they all are together:

Thank you so much for stopping by..
I do hope you give this a try..

Coastal Escape Cards and ATCs

Dear All,

Today I am making cards and ATCs to fit a summer beach theme for a group I am swapping with.

First, I used water color paper and produced a lovely layout using this color palette.

Next, I sued this anchors embossing folder by KaiserCraft to create some dimension to the paper.

Here I layered the paper with a "rope" speciality paper from the Coastal Escape collection.

I used pieces from the ephemera pack and some hessian from my own stash to create this card below

A second card I made:

My third card:

So here are all the cards in one view:

Now for the ATC's:

No 1:

No 2:

No 3:

Here they are all together:

Here they all are:

Now, I need to decide which card is going with which ATC to which swap partner.
Decisions! Decisions :)

Thank you so much for stopping by..

Until we meet again..
Happy Crafting.

Easter Flip Books 2016

Hi all,

Easter is upon us and I have some cute Easter Flip Books to share with you....

Here is a quick look flipping through the first one:

Here is a look at the second book:

For more interactiveness, check out my share here on Youtube:

Thank you so much for stopping by,
Happy Crafting