Friday, December 25, 2015

Handmade Cards of Joy, Love, Hope and Peace

Dear Readers,

I must confess I have been in a crafting funk for the past 2 weeks or so and so it was a great pleasure to sit down today and make some simple cards to give out to my beautiful neighbours.

Because we live by the ocean, I used this anchor die I recently acquired and thought it added a lovely non-traditional touch to this blue and silver colour scheme.

I used the same stamp in all the cards- Kaisercraft's Holly Jolly.
I stamped the centime "Joy- Love-Hope-Peace" using clear Versamark and then heat embossed it with embossing powder.

I asked my 12 year old son what he thought and he said it needed more colour so I added a little more red and blue to produce a slightly different looking card.

For the next card, I used red and blue papers and layered them up with some burlap to achieve such a classic looking nautical theme card.
Love the frayed fringing <3

For the final 2 cards, I used traditional green and red Xmas colours from Heidi Swapp to come up with these 2 beauties.

It feels good to be crafting again!!

Merry Holidays to you all and here's hoping 2016 is a great one for all of us.


12 Tags of 2015- December Tag

Dear Crafty Readers,

I am SO sorry for my recent lapse in blogging. Full time work, running after children and keeping up with a house that refuses to clean itself has gotten the best of me so please forgive me.

Its Xmas Day and I had time to sit down and "whip up" my December Tag for my 12 Tags of 2015 Swap. So here goes:

This is Tim's Tag:

I really enjoyed this technique because I got to use stencil and spray ink on burlap and then piece together a wreath using branch and leaf punches. This was so much fun!!

Here is the one I made for my swap partner (Sarah don't look!)

And here is one I made for myself. Sorry! 
Fairy girl through and through!!

Also loved making a paper bow using my Envelop Punch Board.
Have you made one before?
I found the tutorial here.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Purse Collection to rival Ivana

Dear Readers,

I have just guest blogged for the lovely Aunty Vera at Aunty Vera Scrap and Craft. 
I was inspired by a YT tutorial and made these gorgeous Purse Cards using KaiserCraft's Into The Wild Collection Pack.

Look at these gorgeous purses!!

I had SO much fun making these, I have given each one a name!

Please check out the entire blog here.

Let me know which one speaks to you!
My fav is The Ivana Trump!!
Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you have found inspiration here.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tags of 2015- October Halloween Edition

Dear Reader,

Although I am not into celebrating Halloween, I am into completing this Tags of 2015 challenge that I have given myself so I can not back out of this one.

To tell you the truth, I balked when I saw Tim's tutorial. 
How the heck am I going to do that without any of those dies. 

So you know what Im talking about, here is Tim's card....

But you know me (if you know me). 
Throw yourself into this challenge- I told myself. 
Why do something half-heartedly?
If you want to do something, do it well - I say.

So the first thing did was locate and print the picture of the front of the dies:

I then, fussy cut them into layers as much as  I could by watching Tim's tutorial.
I then started inking them up:

Here is my zombie put together (after a good hour of working on him- wasn't easy!)

Why make 1 when you can make 2 and give one to a friend:

They are so awful!
I love them!

So here is my tag for this month:

I used some Halloween stickers I had on hand and glued glow in the dark insects.

Here's my experiment in the dark:

What a hoot!!

And because I was in the mood, I made his brother Dracula:

I tried a few different methods with his face. He looks more like a mimi than he does Count Dracula.
Its because of the missing fangs me-thinks!

I corrected that here.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I also made his other brother Monster:

He is no happy JAN!

Yes, in all honestly, this was a huge labour of creativity.
I learnt a LOT about the difference layering can do for your project.
Was it worth the time I spent on it? I think so.
These look great in real life.

Here is the whole gang together:

One more time- Say CHEESE!!

Yes, Mr Zombie, you can say BRAINS.

Thank you so much for checking out my tags.

Happy Crafting...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mixed Media Tags w Dina Wakely Bird Stamps

Dear Reader,

I am continuing on this mixed media train and enjoying the ride!
I recently got my hands on this gorgeous stamp set by Dina Wakely!! Have been wanting this one for a few years now!

Yippee... lets get stamping :)

First step, stamping on  200 gram field paper
Second stamp, water colour to hearts content.

Next, I followed a tutorial by Dina herself which you can find here.

Here are my tags, each a little different from the other.

This tag has the bird stamped on and cut out and pasted on. The background is mixture of deer green and lime. The bird is coloured in with water coolers ad the sentiment is stamped on paper and also pasted on.

This tag is similar to the first using a combination of raspberry acrylic paint and orange.

On this tag, the bird is stamped straight onto the acrylic background and so too is the sentiment. The bird is coloured in with acrylic paint.

For this one, I painted a cute hat on the bird but the sentiment here is stamped on paper and pasted,.
The addition of a red heart as well as the hat on the bird is Dina's idea and she talks about it in her video. I love them so much and I learnt so much from listening to her tutorial.

Sneak peek for what's coming up in my next post:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had found inspiration here.
Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mixed Media ATC's

Hi Crafty Friends, 

Here are my Mixed Media ATC's.

(Embossing henna folder background
 with marbled embossing chipboard frame)

(Aluminum foil embossed with cogs folder 
and marbled embossing chipboard frame)

Rise and Shine
((Embossing henna folder background
 with marbled embossing chipboard star)

My Story, My Life
(water color background
 with marbled embossing chipboard frame)

Happy Days
(Gesso'ed Damask embossing folder background on craft chip board
 with marbled embossing chipboard frame)

(Gesso'ed Damask embossing folder on aluminum foil
 with marbled embossing chipboard star)

I am SO pleased with how these turned out.
I hope that this means that I am lifting my skills and evolving.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Mixed Media Morning

Hi Crafty friends,

I have just come back from a GREAT morning out!

My friend Catherine took me to her usual ATC morning group and I found myself squealing with delight as I experienced.....Marbled Embossing using Perfect Pearls!!

The class is run by the charismatic Kelsey O'Mullane whose blog you can find here.

To start the morning, she had her own ATC's out for display. 

Look at these babies!!

(Background is a Canvas Resist Technique and the embossed
pieces are the 3 crowns at the top.)

(Background is a 
watercolour drip, the heart is
the embossed piece.)

(Plastic Parchment Technique Background and the 
embossing is done on the rectangular 
chipboard frame.)

"Nature concentrated"... (Foil background
and the bird is the embossed piece.  You can
clearly see the perfect pearls in
Gold & Mint in this piece.)

I knew I was in good hands and couldn't wait to learn some new techniques!!

So, today, we made embellishments using a product called UTEE  (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) , which I have never worked with before, and Perfect Pearls. I have water coloured with Perfect Pearls before but never anything more. I was excited to be able to use some of the stuff I had brought along.

Here are some of the embellishments I made:

I just kept on choosing different coloured embossing powders then adding the UTEE then choosing different colors of Perfect Pearls to make a marble effect on these chipboards. 
And I had SO MUCH FUN!!
No thinking, only playing!!

Then I was given a raffle:

And then asked to be the one to pick out the winning raffle and I PICKED OUT MY OWN NUMBER! Now that has never happened before.

And my winnings was one of Kelsey's beautiful ATC's.
I got the one I secretly wanted.


Now my challenge is to come home and make an ATC with my new chipboard embellishments.
So if you'll excuse me, I think my crafting table calls.
Thank you so much for stopping by,