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Tags of 2015- October Halloween Edition

Dear Reader,

Although I am not into celebrating Halloween, I am into completing this Tags of 2015 challenge that I have given myself so I can not back out of this one.

To tell you the truth, I balked when I saw Tim's tutorial. 
How the heck am I going to do that without any of those dies. 

So you know what Im talking about, here is Tim's card....

But you know me (if you know me). 
Throw yourself into this challenge- I told myself. 
Why do something half-heartedly?
If you want to do something, do it well - I say.

So the first thing did was locate and print the picture of the front of the dies:

I then, fussy cut them into layers as much as  I could by watching Tim's tutorial.
I then started inking them up:

Here is my zombie put together (after a good hour of working on him- wasn't easy!)

Why make 1 when you can make 2 and give one to a friend:

They are so awful!
I love them!

So here is my tag for this month:

I used some Halloween stickers I had on hand and glued glow in the dark insects.

Here's my experiment in the dark:

What a hoot!!

And because I was in the mood, I made his brother Dracula:

I tried a few different methods with his face. He looks more like a mimi than he does Count Dracula.
Its because of the missing fangs me-thinks!

I corrected that here.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I also made his other brother Monster:

He is no happy JAN!

Yes, in all honestly, this was a huge labour of creativity.
I learnt a LOT about the difference layering can do for your project.
Was it worth the time I spent on it? I think so.
These look great in real life.

Here is the whole gang together:

One more time- Say CHEESE!!

Yes, Mr Zombie, you can say BRAINS.

Thank you so much for checking out my tags.

Happy Crafting...