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A Prima Mom

Happy Mother's Day every one!!

I made a beautiful Mother's Day Card for my mom this year:

Please check out my guest post for Aunty Vera's Scrap and Craft to find out more about how I came up with this card and the design process.



So my little one (aged 7) always sits and watches me art and craft and this time, of course, he wanted to stamp and colour one of his very own.

 I thought it was interesting the colour palette he chose here. And he needs to work on his alcohol marker flicking technique *lol*.

I also had to sacrifice one of my 'soldiers' but  couldn't help giggling myself silly when he showed me what he had done. It was worth it!! I will cherish this little face forever!!

Don't you think it looks like something out of a Roald Dahl book??

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's and Grandmothers.



  1. Oh a budding artist like his mum. Too precious.

  2. Lovely post - haha...that's a pretty good face for a 7 year old!! Well done xx


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