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See you at the Fair ! The Perth Craft and Quilt Fair 2016

Hi Everyone,
It's that time of the year when the Craft and Quilt Craft Fair comes to Perth- very exciting for someone like me who doesn't get out much (cheeky me).

I called my posse of craft friends and I took the day off work to immerse myself in a day of crafty adventures :)

This is me catching the train from the 'burbs to the city :)

Now children, never speak to strangers on the train because you don't know what kind of people they are. I was lucky I sat next to a normal person (love ya Helen).

After a great conversation of comparing the London tube to Perth's train station and after a much needed hot drink, we were ready to enter the magic of the craft fair.


So the first stall which took away my breathe was this shabby chic little corner of heaven run by Gabriella and her husband. She is a very interesting soul and I really enjoyed picking her brain on a number of issues and listening to her point of view on what makes women happy and retaining our individuality throughout our lifetime and through our responsibilities.

You can check her out here

Here is a picture of my friend Kerry bumping into Gabriella and getting a big hug.

We later went to listen to Gabriella talk about decorating just about anything to make it beautiful- imagine a doggy collar made out of lace and flowers- you will be the talk of the neighbourhood :)

This year, there were less paper crafting stalls than last year and more sewing and quilting stalls, but my favourite stall was still there and boy was it everyone else's favourite too :)

 There is Dina, from Catchy Crafts, at the till. I went to 2 of her workshops later in the day. She was fabulous!

I walked around a lot looking at all the marvellous things people make. I was amazed at how creative humans can be with just about anything they can get their hands on and how different forms art can take on.

This Medieval Project was very fascinating.

I loved the dreamcatcher stall :)

The felt cactus stall:

The living art section:

The Paws and Whiskers  Competition was gorgeous: 

This one was my most favourite:

 Was fascinated by this stall last year and once again this year. The golliwogs!! I love them

Fairy/angel/heart mobile stall.

 Was totally fascinated by this needlework. 
So dainty and lovely.

Im a sucker for anything cat related. Look at these animal kits.

I always love to see sea-side images. This tapestry is lovely.

This one reminded me of my Russia Blue. 
Pretty much spot on!

More cat art <3

 After much strolling and contemplating on taking up of new art, it was finally time to go to my workshops. I attended two. The first one was Techniques for Art Journalling where she talked about many techniques which I already knew about, but was entertaining to attend and watch nevertheless. Here are some of the techniques she made and shared with us:

 The second workshop was the Paper Flowers one. I really need to look into HeartFelt Creations. They have some gorgeous looking flowers like these ones she made for the workshop. I feel my wallet getting slimmer already :)

I also took some pictures of some of their displays on the wall for inspiration later.

Then it was time to say goodbye to my Facebook friend Kerry.
This is the second time I have met up with Kerry here at the show- 2 years in a row now! So honoured dear Kerry :)

Here is a stamp that caught my eye and now I wish I had bought it so will have to hunt for it on eBay!!

The one that got away!

And just like that, my magical day was over and they were announcing the doors were about to close :(

Cant wait for another craft show. 2017 here we come :)



  1. Wow! What a big, exciting fun and wonderful day! Wish I was there too!!!!!
    AV xx

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  3. Was such a beautiful day, my friend :) Now we need to get saving for our bucket list trip lol


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