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Gratitude - My word for 2017 -

Dear Readers,

It's interesting how every year I find just the perfect word  that best describes how to problem solve issues in my life. This year I chose gratitude as my word for the year.

I found this perfect quote by Anne Lamott- Gratitude is Peace and I think it's going to be a good one for me.

When household chores get on top of me, I will be grateful that I have a home.
When the kids are too much to handle, I will be grateful I was blessed with motherhood.
When work is so stressful I can't breathe, I will be grateful I am employed.
When life seems so tragic and painful, I will be grateful for the God above who will bring justice to the oppressed and the misfortunate on a day when His word will be supreme.

Grateful! I am grateful!

I did a process video in my Traveler's Notebook insert. You can watch it here

Thank you for stopping by.
What is your word for 2017?