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Kids art and super-hero comics

Hi everyone,

I just spent an adorable weekend drawing superhero comics with my kids. I was a bit shocked in class  (my son is in Yr 2) last week when I noticed that his art work was mainly stick figures and that most of the other kids' art was a lot better. So we spent some time talking about body shapes and he really grasped it in no time and started producing some great art.

The first practise page. 

Then we decided to do a side by side story page.

Here is our completed super-hero comic.

Next we decided to draw animals.
A bear- a cat and a bunny.

Then Zayn started drawing Ninja's. Its was interesting to watch him apply the techniques he had just learnt.

Meanwhile, my eldest Zaki, started drawing strange faces.

He then started giving them miserable lives!! Seriously, "accelerated ageing disease brough on by chemical disaster at birth"..poor Walter!!

And this guy- Criley, has fuzzy ears and is a waste disposer and wishes he was a wizard. Where does he come up with this stuff?

The next night, we pulled out our favourite book "Arthur" and we drew our favourite characters from the book. This is Zayn's art work.

And this is Zaki's.

Zaki also made this comic strip called "Mr Goldman has Pizza".

And then he did a voice-over.

So cute!! I didn't know my kids had it in them to be so creative, but I guess at 7 & 11, they are growing up and have some funny ideas about life.

Thanks for stopping by,