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Pretty Origami Dresses

Hi Everyone,

I came across this simple Origami Dress Tutorial and made a whole lot of cards I would love to share with you. These will be available on my Facebook Page under the albums: Cards for Sale.

For the dresses, I used this origami paper I found at my local Spotlight store:

You don't have to use origami paper, but technically, the thinner the paper you use, the sharper and less bulky your folding will become.

Card 1- Love my Story

I also chose to decorate the inside of the cards...

Card 2- Love

This is the inside of the card .....

Card 3- Be Mine

This is the inside of the card...

Card 4- You are one of a kind

And the inside of the card....

Card 5- Free

 And the inside ...

Card 6- Love this moment

 And the inside of the card....

Did you want a close-up of little foxy? He's so cute!!

Card 7- When I grow up...

And the inside...

Card 8- Little green dress

This is a top-loading style card. Here is the inside..

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I have inspired you to make a ton of little origami dresses!
Happy crafting.