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May Perth Craft Fair

Hello again and thank you for stopping by,
Once a year, the Quilt and Craft show comes to Perth bringing with it lots of crafty delight and squeals (from me). This year is the 3rd time in a row I have gone and although, I did notice the number of vendors had decreased considerably, as well as the number of people who attended on the first day (it's usually shoulder to shoulder with me being elbowed and shoved out of the way by crafty old grandmas), I still had a great time!!!

Now, I don't know about you, but I have this thing about MY FIRST BUY!! I agonise over what is going to be my first buy. I feel that the first buy is usually a wish from your inner soul and I always make my first buy my most special one. This year, my first buy was this gorgeous little doll.

I saw her 2 mins after I went through the gates and did not hesitate in buying her. She is adorable!! She is a clothe doll with wooden arms and legs. I actually bought 2 of them. One for me and one for the Nanna down the road whom I go out with once a week. She loved her doll too. So I think this says that I have a childish innocent heart. And I'm ok with that.

My next lot of purchases were these Prima stamps (yes, I know own 2 Prima stamps after all my aversions to them...but I don't mind the way these girls are standing). I can't wait to start on these.

I don't know about you, but Ive been finding it hard to get some good embossing folders in my neck of the woods. So happy when I saw these. Teddy, cameras, clouds and butterflies. PERFECT!! 

I also bought few dies I had my eyes on. 

After I spent my pennies, I wondered around looking at all the other adorable things on display. I saw this adorable crochet cat and tried convincing the vendor to sell him to me, but she said he was on display only and not for sale.

She said he came out of this book. I asked her if THE BOOK was for sale. She said NO! Rejected twice!! So I sulked off to the Quilt section.

I spent a LONG time here. I saw some amazing things and was INSPIRED!!

Apparently, there is a white-gloved lady who walks around making sure you DO NOT TOUCH the quilts. Here my friend, 'nette aka THE REBEL, just HAD to give this quilt a poke.

So, last but not least, I just had to show a picture of my girls. I met these girls in a Swap group online and we decided to meet for the first time at the fair. I was petrified at first, but we did well. We are meeting to craft soon. 

And I might get in TOTAL trouble for this, but I met ONE MORE SPECIAL person. This is a crafty gal I met on FaceBook. I will not name any names here, but I wanted to let them all know that I really enjoyed meeting them and that they are woven into my memories of this day and that I hope that we can be friends for a LONG TIME

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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