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Alice and Ruby Visit The Dolly Doctor

Hello dear readers,

I have been introduced to the magical world of porcelain dolls by my dear neighbour Rayma (see my previous blog post). One day, I ducked into the Salvation Army thrift store and came across this girl looking sad all alone on the shelf. When I asked the man behind the counter to bring her down for me, her leg came off in his palm and he said I could have her for $3 (she was marked as $9 originally). So I gave myself a challenge and decided to buy her and fix her up.

A few things about her that I don't like: her hair is CARROTS (think Anne from Anne of Green Gables), there's orange glue oozing out of her eyes, she's missing an eye lash, the dress is horrid, and yes, her leg is broken. Why did I buy this doll? 

Oh that's right, challenge!

Here's a look at at the loose leg.

And here is a look at the pokey wiring. How am I supposed to re-attach the leg onto this??

So, I contacted my local Dolly Doctor and went to visit her and her talented husband (so blessed to have them living in the area).

The first thing I see is this original Flash poster on their door...kindred spirits! We are going to get along just fine!

Then my eye went to this stand of dolls. So many dolls!!! So much eye candy!

And this little beauty caught my eye.

Isn't she pretty? 1987 and only $10.00 !! (But I didn't get her).

FOCUS AMIRA! Back to the broken doll leg!!

So I got a lot of help with how to re-attach porcelain limbs and I asked to my heart's content all the little questions about paint and sealers and glues and eyes.
I also bought some eyes, wigs and doll clothes.

I spent 2 hrs there- a very happy 2 hours. And I came home with a mission.

I made a quick VLOG about it here the day I went. 

So here are Ruby and Alice stripped down to their underwear.

Look at Alice's eyes!

Don't they look like they are not looking straight ahead?

How about now without the hair??

Alice's problems other than the strange eye positioning, was that her head cap was shattered underneath her wig and the fact that I chipped her eye-lid trying to pry the eye off with a poker (so bad!). So we talked about head cap alternatives, doll hair care and how to remove all the gunky hot glue that had been squirted inside her head to reposition her eyes.

These are the girls BARE! NO wigs, no eyes and LOOK!!!

I re-attached Ruby's leg. All by myself!!

Bit spooky! Next, I repainted her legs to match her arm/face skin tone.

Next, I experimented with different eye colors for Ruby and removed that horrid seeping glue from her eye sockets. 

I also removed the nasty same glue from her skull cap and used sticky velcro dots to secure the cap to the wig when it is placed on.

Originally, I pictured Ruby having green eyes, straight black hair and a red dress.

I have the fabric but I need to find a good pattern before I start cutting into it. I needed to amp up my sewing skills too!!

So I set off on a dress-making mission... and this is what I made for Ruby.

Not bad for first time making a pattern myself.

My mom gave me a bag of my Grandmother's old sewing stuff and I found all these bits of lace and leather. It just seemed so appropriate to add them to Ruby's dress. I feel a special attachment to Ruby now, like she is wearing something of my Grandmothers (may God be pleased with her and save her soul).

I love the belt attached to the side like this with the dangling flowers.

And I ADORE this trim. Cant find anything like this at Spotlight!

And I love how the collar design turned out. I made this? Really?

Here is the whole outfit again:

You'll have to wait to see Ruby's face re-paint ;)
Mainly because, I haven't gotten to it yet!

Now onto Ms Alice.

You will remember that Alice originally had blonde hair but I fell in love with this adorable wig which I bought on impulse and look how it changes Alice's features!

Which one do you like? The flowy locks or the short pig-tails?

And I love these green overalls on her! I will have to make a cute little red t-shirt to match the buttons and the flower trim.

Here is what Alice looks like dressed up with her eyes in ;)

And I got this cute little pointed hat with white and pink ribbons. It makes Alice look like a larrikin who enjoys playing tricks on people and having fun. She is such a cute character in the little pigtails!

So, at the end of the day, Alice is still not ready yet either. I still have to decide on her final wig. I have to do something about the chip in her left eye socket and I have to make her t-shirt.
Another project for another day I think.

Thank you for stopping by and until next time, take care.
xx AmiraInOz