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2016- My year to be organised :)

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a bit of a different blog post.
Not crafty!
Sorry in advance.

Soon after my boys went back to school and after a very busy sandy summer holiday, I looked around my house and found it...well, lets say a little tired and not very organised.

So i joined the 2016 Clean and Organised Home Challenge by How Jen does it on Youtube. 
It starts here.
Be warned- thats all I have to say!!

I started in the pantry.

Here's what it looked like before.

My problem is people just put things back wherever they like.

And that bottom section was RIDICULOUS!!  Bags, lunch boxes DOUBLE GRRRR

So I pulled everything out!!
It was horrific!!

How can so much fit in this tiny space???

I cleaned and sanitised the pantry and then I got to re-organised it and labelling every single darn shelf and container.
Hopefully, now everything will go back where it belongs.
I remembered a slogan that Jo Frost used to say when I used to watch her show years ago:

A place for everything and everything in it's place!!

Darn right!!!

This is my after picture.

Ahhhhhh :) All is good in my world!!

Next I tackled the rest of the kitchen:

The  cupboards

The tea & toast station

The cutting boards and knife section

The microwave station

The salt & pepper/ cooking utensil station

The fridge

Apart from pulling everything out and cleaning the entire guts of my fridge, I also took every single bill, picture and magnet off the front of the fridge.
I wish I had taken a pic of it before but I will LOVE how the fridge looks now. 

So white, so shiny so clean.

And now for  the ALMIGHTY STOVE TOP & OVEN

My burners were a bit filthy!!

We scrubbed and scrubbed..vinegar and bicarb soda.

I did have some help.

And we whistled while we worked

And we made it beautiful


My desk and surrounding area

Before, my desk was the dumping ground for paper and bills

The first order of business was to take that printer off my desk.


And each drawer is organised nicely:
Desk supplies - stapler, spatulas, hole punch, sticky tape
Dymo Labeller and clear pockets
Photo paper
Laminating supplies

My desk

Bills organised in the trays, weekly food planner opened for a week's glance and my school planner work on the left ready for the week's lesson to be written up

To the left of my desk if this ikea shelving unit on its side and we have organised the kids school books & bags, scout's documents, my cooking lever arch file etc in each "hole".

To the left of that is my son's computer station.

Check out his light reading!! 
I love high school!!!

To the right of my desk is this new shelving unit hubby bought me from IKEA. I love how displays all my lovely things.

Lastly today (but by no means the least):
 My closet

I didn't really take any pictures during this stage.
This was a 2 day bag and clothing culling process.
Here is a pic my hubby took when he walked in after work. He had to step over all my ehm "things"

I tend to like storing things in bags.
This is bad!
I know!

This was very much needed. 
It had been 6 years since I had done this and I was holding on to TOO MUCH stuff I didn't even like anymore
This was my scarf collection alone.

Here is an after shot

Everything organised by category PLUS you can SEE the floor and no bags except for my wool which I have decided to store there for now.

I did also organise the:
Laundry Closet
laundry cupboard
Boys' Rooms
 Filing Cabinet

But this blog post is getting long enough so I will spare you the details.
Unless you want details that is ;)
Thanks for stopping by,