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Ramadan 2017 - A time to focus on faith.

My Dear Readers,

I am always amazed how time flies, but nothing brings it home quite like the month of Ramadan.
For those of you who don't know me, I am a humble crafter who practises the Muslim Faith.
Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar where practising Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for those 30 days.

And it starts today!

I will be taking June off from my Design Team Adventures but don't you worry for trusty Aunty Vera has a nice surprise for you as always :)

To found out more about Ramadan in a nutshell, check out THIS 2 min video.

Ramadan is a special time of the year for me and is really a chance for me to let go of all the balls that I have up in the air and focus on my ultimate purpose in life. What I am doing here on God's earth and where am I going when I die?

Tough issues, right?

Ramadan is broken down into thirds.

The first 10 days are known as the 10 days of Mercy

We reflect and pray a lot for mercy from God in all aspects of our life. We also try to instill mercy in our lives when we deal with others. Mercy is best felt and appreciated when you don't have a single thing in your belly. We all need food and drink to survive and it is only the truly faithful who deny themselves this, at the request of God, to feel just how much we are blessed and truly fed by God.

The middle 10 days is the time for Forgiveness 

Nobody likes to be told that they have done anything wrong, yet we make mistakes all the time. Making mistakes is a part of learning and life but asking forgiveness takes courage and makes you a better person. When God's Mercy is upon us, the best time to ask for forgiveness is now!

The Prophet of God is reported to have said:

“Do repent in this month to God for your sins, and supplicate with raised hands at the time of prayer as these are the best times, during which the Al-Mighty looks at his servants with mercy. He answers if they supplicate, responds if they call, grants if He is asked, and accepts if they entreat. 
The last 10 days is salvation from Hellfire

These are the most blessed days of Ramadan. Which ever faith you practise, there is always a good place you want to go to and a place you certainly don't want to end up in. Have I done enough to earn a place in Paradise? Am I being too selfish in my needs? Am I not praying enough? Giving in charity enough? Serving my community enough? Cheated someone out of something that was not rightfully mine? It is the time for soul searching and drawing even more closer to God and who you are and how you want to live your life from here on out.

And before I know it the month is over and, as if waking up from a beautiful dream, I slide right back into the hustle and bustle of my very blessed and fortunate life.

So, I'll see y'all after Ramadan?
Peace and Love to you and your families.