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Happy 2015 and a New Venture

Dear all,

Hello and welcome to my blog: HandMade in Oz.

My name is Amira. I am 37, mom of 2 boys and a lover of paper crafting.

In another world and for 15 years, I used to be a clinic co-ordinator in the medical research industry as well as a passionate advocate for public health in our community (with post-grad to boot). About 3 years ago, I decided to focus on my own mental health. Being a busy mom of 2 very active boys as well as being a supportive daughter to ageing parents, as well as being there for all my friends and extended family meant I could not do it all (contrary to popular feminist views) perfectly and still have time for myself.

So I decided to join the ranks of stay-at home moms to raise my children and be a member of my community. In doing so, I discovered a love for art, craft and all things hand made. After joining, many community and on-line classes, I've discovered my confidence and style. In doing so, I've started making things that both family and friends have come to expect and enjoy immensely. It then became a vicious cycle, the more they enjoyed, the more I was empowered to evolve.

So here I am, finding myself on a trial with an unknown destination with one goal in mind: Discover!

I wish to meet new people.
I wish to find and learn new things.
I wish to share them with one and all.
I wish to inspire and be inspired.
I wish for the very best in everything.

So thank you for joining me on this new adventure I am embarking upon. I can't wait to see where this will take me. You can find me on Facebook as well as browse my many creations here.
God bless you all and may this year be a good one.


  1. Hooray! welcome to the blogging world. Loving your blog already.....can't wait to see all your creations xx


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