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Swimming and Gorjuss

Hi everyone,

I must confess- I am a selfish parent. The combination seems impossible but honesty helps me to come to terms with how I'm feeling and doing something about it.

We have just finished 2 weeks of Vacswim. For those not familiar with it, it's a summer swimming program endorsed by the Australian government to try to get as many children to learn how to swim (we are after all a BIG island).

Every year I enrol my kids and every year I moan and groan about it pledging never to do it again only to register for it when registration time comes because I know it's good for my kids. Every year, I try different locations in the hope that it's the venue that kills me and not the hours of waiting while my kids have the best time of their lives.

This year the venue of choice was the beach (previously it has been pools) which is about 25 minutes away from home and with my luck (not luck at all, but a test from God), I got 8am & 8:45 am swimming lessons. To get there at that time of peak hour, we've got to be out of the house at 7:15am - and I thought we were on school holiday sleep in schedule ;)

So this year, I bought myself a book to read at the beach while my kids did their lessons and then jumped off the jetty for 3 hours.

Well, I didn't get past page 2- I just wasn't in the reading frame of mind and to tell you the truth, I haven't been for the past year. My memorisation schedule for the Holy Quran is still on track and I am up to Ch 56 (working from the end) (alhamdollilah) but reading for enjoyment, I haven't been able to do it for a while.

But what I did have the right frame of mind for was colouring in. Now I must admit I was the odd-one out at the beach. I was the only one carrying a stamp pad and colouring markers. All the other moms were either chatting, reading, on their phones, or swimming. But I am never one to conform to popularity :)

So, here are some of my colour samples. Oh, did I forgot to mention I love Gorjuss stamps ;)
This is Gorjuss "The Fox" stamp.

Please forgive me, I am a beginner with alcohol markers. I hope to look back on these and see how amateur I was which means that I have gotten more proficient with them. Currently, I own 4 copies *lol*...the rest are various markers by other manufacturers..I'm learning the "flicking" technique at the moment and I'm still trying to determine if I like light first then dark, or dark first then work to light.

So after colouring in, I decided to do some of my own drawings (using water color pencils this time) as well as deciding on a consistent logo. Here are some ideas of what I came up with:

I will keep trying with these. Stay tuned for more.

Thank you for stopping by, until my next blog, happy hand making!!