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Ms Jazmyn- A God-sent treasure.

Hi Everyone,

On Thursday, I took the kids out for a quick wander around our local shopping centre and decided to head into the Salvation Army store for a quick peek at what they had. 

Well look who I came home with:

I didn't know who this was..all I saw was piercing glass blue eyes and highly articulated joints and I just knew I had to bring her home.

My first clue came from the tattoo on her back:

I put this information into my search engine and I have my answer! So this is a Liv doll. They have their own commercial. You can watch it here.

So there are four characters in the Liv line- Daniela, Alexis, Sophie and Katie.

I think I have Sophie although she now goes by the name of Ms Jazmyn (thank you Leanne).

Here's what Ms Jazmyn looks like if she had her wig:

She sure looks different without a wig!! 
But a few of my Facebook followers have told me that they quite like her without a wig so I think we might go that way just to make a statement!

This is Liv doll Daniela:

She is gorgeous. Tan skin and brown eyes!! I'm telling you, there is something special about these dolls, I feel it in my heart.

And this is Liv doll Katie:

Without and with the wig:

Her green eyes are mesmerising. She has brown hair and fair skin. So pretty!

And this is Liv doll Alexis:

Hazel eyes and tan skin. She is naturally blessed sun-kissed gorgeous!!

Then in 2010. They introduced Liv doll Hayden.

Hayden has light skin and hazel eyes.

Since I haven't been a teenager since forever, I wanted to find each and everyone of these girls and perhaps arrange a playdate. But little did I know the bad news!!


In spring 2012, Spin Master announced that the Liv World doll line would be discontinued in the fall due to high competition and low sales (The Examiner 30 Dec. 2012)

Yup. So that's the end of that idea. Ms Jazmyn just has to contend with her new buddies that came in the Salvo bundle!

Ms Leila and stubby there!!

And a few semi-nude action men.

And one LOUD MOUTH Commando strutting around in his tight greenies!!

In the meantime, I have given her my password and she is keen to find herself a pretty maxi dress.

I'll keep you updated with the living arrangements around here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Credits to: The Toy Box Philosopher where I was able to get pics of all the dolls from.

Dear God- Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Thank you for finding me a home and a mommy who loves me. I can never ever pray enough in thank you for how much you have blessed me. If I can humbly ask you, to please find a way of bringing my sisters to me so we can be one big happy family once again. Amen


  1. Brilliant! I have a feeling we'll be following Jazmyn's adventures into the future.
    Great rescue job!!
    V xx


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