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Love thy Neighbour

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to tell you about a very special person in my life. When we moved into our neighbourhood and built our house back in 2003, we were the 3rd house to go up on our street so we have had the privilege to see our neighbourhood rise from the sands (so to speak). We watched as people built their homes and moved in. Some people have sold and moved on but a few of us are still here- original owner (thats us). 

I got to know a darling old Nanna 4 houses down from us who moved into the granny flat with her son's family and we have been best buds since 2003. She saw me have my first born, she waved me goodbye when I left for Canada for 3 years, she wrote me snail mail while I was away, and she was here to welcome me back when we moved back.

Every payday Thursday, we go out and hit the local shops. She does her groceries shopping, we have a coffee, we check out Kmart and Target, she buys her lotto and her girly mags and then she as an ice-cream or a donut. We laugh and we talk about things we see and people we meet and about things that are happening in life. It's easy- she always has something to say and she is not shy about telling it how it is. I just listen, happy to be in her company. I lost my real Nanna in 2003 so I am happy that I have been blessed with this Nanna to hug and speak to whenever I need Nanna-love.

So, one day, Rayma (thats her name), called me and said she had something for me. I walked down to her place and came in upon this magnificent painting in her lounge room propped up on a chair against the wall. "She is yours now". 

And just like that, I acquired the most beloved piece of art in my house. 

This painting is gorgeous. Little girls and kittens- such a perfect combination. It speaks to me of innocence and childish play. It went straight to my heart like everything that Rayma and I do together.

Look at those eyes.

And here is a closer look at that darling kitten.

The soft pink color and the lace and ribbon and pearls in the dress are so dreamy that I find myself sitting and staring at this art work for long minutes.

It's something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Oh and something I else I forgot to tell you. We sometimes check out the op shops in our local area. One day, she saw this porcelain doll and bought it and then turned around and said "Here you go- I bought this for you". 

I wonder if I get my girlish influences from her or whether she and I just like the same things?

So, I hope you have a special person in your life that brings you joy and happiness. I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below.

Until the next time,

Yours kindly,



The boss (aka the husband) sent his 2 lackeys (aka Russia and Cadbri) to inspect the new family addition. She pushed so hard she almost knocked her over. Wheres the rolled up magazine! (JK)


  1. Amira, that's beautiful. Catherine

  2. I loved reading this post Amira. Your relationship with 'Nana', is one I would love to have. The painting she gave you is beautiful, and yes the eyes are very mesmerising. I wish I could say all these beautiful words about such a lovely, special relationship, but I just have to say it's fabulous.

    1. You just have just have :) Thank you for commenting xxA


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