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Progress with Gooliope Jellington: A Face Repaint Saga

Dear Reader,

Here I am with another update on my Gooliope!
Ive had her for about a month now and Ive finally worked up the guts to modify her. So here she is out of the box with the gear she came in. Very FREAK du Chique!

The first order of business was to remove that LIPSTICK!

Ah! I feel better already. 

She looks like she is winking at me here. But once you've started you can't go back! This was not my first time at a face repaint but strangely enough, I did get that "First Time Butterfly Syndrome". I take that as a sign that this is important to me and plugged on.

Alright, so all factory paint has been removed (with 100% acetone).
She is washed with warm soapy water and dried.
I then spray her with a couple of coats of Krystal Kote and begin.

I apply a thin layer of gesso primer and find the placement of her pupils.

I did decide on giving her brown eyes. I also sketched in her eyebrows.

Next, her lips.

Here she is for now in her all divine gloominess (sorry I should have warned you that there was doll nudity).

I am going to leave her at this stage for some time to get used to her "new look" before I finally gloss her up and set her.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Crafting,