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Who is Gooliope Jellington?

Dear readers,

I caved! As soon as the new 17" Monster High Doll hit the shops I bought her. Well, I waited till the toy sale (which started 2 weeks after she started appearing at our local Target) but I still call that caving.

When I saw her I thought UGH! PINK!
And her hair! UGH!
And the gloop bits! UGH!

But I still bought her.

I kept her in her box for 2 weeks.
I told myself I was taking her back. That I don't do dolls.
But then I opened her up and started playing:

Yeah...she looks odd! That hair is weird and that dress is weird.

I gathered her hair back, and made a quick knit dress for her out of my knee-length Hello Kitty Sock.

She still looks strange!! Her factory lipstick does not conform to the features of her face mould!
Urghh! Quality control boo-boo!

Yet there is something magnetic about her.

Who is she? How do I get to know her?

I think to do this, you need to personalise her! Take away all the factory-ness!

Lets start with the hair!!

Should she have brown hair? It suits her actually. But is it her?

How about blonde?

She sure can pass for a blonde!

What about black?

Rockin' the black!!



Lets try this adorable 'Anne of Green Gables' pinafore dress:

Wow- she looks good (and I think she knows it).

With the blonde?


With the black hair?

Also cute, but I think the blonde wig would look good with a light summery dress and the black wig would look good with a black dress.

What about pants?

Green pants don't go with pink skin- DUH!


Lets go back to the pinafore dress... that was cute!

Oh wait, there is still one more wig we didn't try...

Wow.... she looks good!

She looks darn good!

I think we have found OUR Gooliope. I think that wig suits her!

But for now, she'll have to hang her wig up and wait for her face-up.

I'm a bit nervous!
Once you take it off, there's no going back!
Am I ready?
Is she ready?

I'll keep you updated.

'Til we meet again,
Happy Crafting,