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Happy New 2018 ~ Goals & Dreams

Dearest Friends and Crafters,

The New Year is HERE and I am SO excited!

It's good to be alive and I feel refreshed and rearing to start it all over again- bigger and better.

My word for 2018 is EVOLVE and I am planning to take all my goals and dreams to the next level this year so I thought it was a perfect word to encompass it all.

I am so excited to be returning to Creative Team at Aunty Vera Scrap & Craft in 2018.

I plan on art journaling a whole lot in 2018 and so I've made the #mywatercolorartjournal2018

I have several series starting on my YT Channel - watch out for announcements soon!

I am also excited to be involved in some collaborations with some very talented Youtubers. 
These girls seriously inspire and motivate me to be my better self and I could not be more happy to be working along side them in the Creative Team as well as being awesome FB friends.

~ Lolly from Lolly Palooza

So many wonderful things in store for 2018!

If you don't do so already go ahead and follow me on FB and YT so you can also share in the energy and creativeness of 2018.

May 2018 bring you what you are searching for!!