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November Planner Layouts

Hello Crafty friends,

Today's post is all about planner layouts!!
I have a Vanskap Kikki K A5 planner that I love to adore and add things to and every month is a new theme which really inspires and delights me.

For the month of November, I decided to MAKE MY OWN PLANNER LAYOUTS!
Using the beautiful paper in the November Kit.

I use J.Burrows Premium A4 Digital Copy Paper which I get from Officeworks here in Australia.
This is great for printing and stamping and light watercoloring/pencil shading etc (you will see in the video that alcohol markers bleed through!)

So the first thing I need every month is a dashboard to divide the sections up.
On this dashboard, I usually have the month somewhere on there and then a representation of the theme of the month.

For my November dashboard, I decided to use the Stamping Bella Stamp from the November Kit as the main element.

I also added colour to the background by taking these beautiful pearlescent acrylic paints by Santoro
 smooching them on cling wrap and then dabbing them onto the background. I did mask off the stamped image before I did that so that the colours where behind Abigail and not on top of her.

Some stickers and a tab finish off the page beautifully.

The next layout I need is a meal tracker.
I like to keep track of the 'gourmet (NOT)' meals I present to my boys every night.
It's interesting traditions are made. Friday is ALWAYS homemade pizza and Survivor night.
Wednesday is ALWAYS chicken burgers because we have to eat early before Scouts.
When I don't know what to make we have spaghetti bolognese and when Dave is in a bad mood I make his favourite Buffalo Wings.

Anyways, so yes, a simple page for tracking meals!
(need to consult my kitchen notebook to insert the rest of the meals here).

After all that eating, the next tracker I need is a step tracker.
I am trying with ALL MY MIGHT to achieve 10,000 steps a day.
On days when Im not home that is EASY! But on days when Im crafting or filming/editing- these is almost impossible to achieve.
I wish for more time in my days.
I also track how many training sessions and biking I do but they are in a seperate exercise journal.
Why are the seperate? Well- I love planners and I keep buying them and I need to start using them so each one gets dedicated to a certain part of my life. 

Month at a View

I used an existing template from Kikki-K and jazzed it up by adding a strip of the Color my Craft Wash Tape (in the November Kit) to the right page and stamped in the month and year on the left.
The stamp I used was one from my stash which Vera hunted for ages to find for me (she's my best friend like that!): 

The dates in each square where filled in with clear stamps from my previously mentioned Kaisercraft planner stamps.

You can always use paper to block in areas that you are not using and add more stickers for decoration.

Week 1 layout

I started off with a strip of the Washi as a header.
Then I cut strips off the patterned paper to divide the layout into 3 sections.
From there, I stamped out the days of the week using my Kaisercraft Captured Moments Planner Stamps.
I then grabbed the icon stamps from another collection called My Year, My Story and stamped them to further section my planner layout.

To decorate, I added a Prima Doll sticker which I decided to add to each layout this month and some stickers from the sticker sheet included in the Paper Doll Collection

Week 1 Layout 
Week 2 layout

For this layout, I used the vertical sticker strip from the sticker sheet that comes with the Paper Doll collection in lieu of the washi. Also, I used thin washi from my stash instead of paper strips.
I stamped the days of the week but did not add icons this time and kept the stickers to a minimum - only adding the doll and the flag which separated Sat & Sun.

Week 2 Layout
 Week 3 layout

I realised that I was trying to make a different layout for each week and so decided to go ALL OUT with week 3. I cut up my favourite papers from the collection and adhered them down with double sided tape (wet glue would have made it too soggy because the paper is thick and I would have needed so much of it). I then added the stamping and some stickers. How awesome is week 3!!
My fav!
Week 3 layout
  Week 4 layout

I once again used the washi from the November kit and actually coloured it in this time. It was so much fun. I used my Chameleon markers and love how it turned out. You can choose to color them ahead of time when you make your layout or leave them uncoloured so that when you get to that week you can spend some time colouring in to unwind like I did for week 1.

I then wanted to see if I could do something without washi tape to divide the sections. I used a stamp box and stamped the double layout in a "V" formation and then added the days of the week using the mini alphabet stickers from the sticker sheet.
I then went sticker crazy decorating.
Love it!!

Week 4 layout

 Mini Scrapbook Planner Layout 

 Lastly, I have a review page where I pick a favourite picture from the whole month and do a bit of a layout for it. This month has been busy so just a little layout this time. 
P.S. hubby will surely kill me for posting this pic!

So I hope you see that it is easy to make your own monthly layouts.
You can catch my process video HERE.

Happy crafting everyone.