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Watercolor Deer and Birdie Cards ~ Stamping Bella ~

Hello Everyone,

I sat down late one night to do one of my favourite relaxing activities - watercoloring.

I created 2 color schemes.
The one on the left is a spring themed one with a dusky sky and green grass (but why is there Nuvo snow - hmm have to rethink that one!) and the one on the right is a winter scene with snow falling and on the ground.

This one is a completely whimsical theme  - orange sky, purple grass and red trees!
Right out of Willy Wonka's mind methinks!

This last one is one I tried to mimic the picture on the actual stamp.
I LOVE the darkness of the sky.
I think adding dark values is really important in water color especially because it dries light.

I converted this to an easel card which I will send to one of my close friends.

I have a quick video which you can watch HERE

Thank you so much for joining me.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and may 2018 be a wonderful year for you.