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12 Gorjuss Mini Paper Clips for 2018 ~ March ~ Take me away

Hi everyone !
Welcome back to the 12 Mini Gorjuss Paper Clips!
It's March and this month, I chose Stamp No.59 'Flying above it all' Gorjuss Mini stamp by Santoro.

I have already created an art journal page with this stamp which you can find HERE
and a process video for that which you can also find HERE

Once again, I am using my jumbo 97mm paper clips 

I first make a base for my paper clip out of white card stock which measures 3.25" x 8" scored @ 4".

Next, I use some of this vellum which I have been hoarding for some time.

Dear Lizzy Neapolitan vellum

Because this character is riding a bird, this scenery has to be one of a sky so I reached for my rainbow and cloud die set and created a rainbow out of 6 colors of card stock.

Next, I stamped the girl 4 times and coloured in various sections 

Base: Color in the bird and the girl's hair
Layer 2: Color in the girl's skin, hair and dress
Layer 3: Color in the girl's hair and her hands
Layer 4: Only color in the girl's face

Next it is time to fussy cut 

Base: Fussy cut around entire image
Layer 2: Fussy cut the girl (none of the bird)
Layer 3: Fussy cut the girl's hair and face
Layer 4: Fussy cut the girl's face

Then assemble the layers on top of each other using 3D foam tape.

Here you can see from an angle the layers.

After that, it is a matter of assembling the rainbow, and the clouds and the girl in a pleasing formation.

I love how her leg is on top of the cloud and that the cloud is behind her head- it looks like there was a break in the clouds and when you looked up you could see a rainbow with a little girl flying through at that moment!!

I chose this sentiment which seemed very appropriate.

And here is the whole piece embellished with puffy heart stickers.

You can catch the process video HERE.

Thank you for stopping by :)

Have a great arty day!!



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