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Pocket Page Notebook Swap 2018 ~ #1 ~ 5 Things about me

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to be participating in the  Pocket Page Notebook Swap 2018 over on the Pocket Page Notebook Community FB Group.

Together, my partner Angela and I have a notebook each and we will be sending these notebooks back and forth until they are full of layouts.

Pocket Page Notebooks are very unique in that there is a clear pocket page between each double spread layout that you can insert things into. 

They are the brain concept of Michelle from the Stamp Spot.

Today I finished my first layout and I am SO pleased with the result.

There are essentially 2 double layouts here- 4 layouts!

The first is the layout on the left.

The second one is the front of the pocket page on the right of the first double spread layout.

Over the page, the third layout is the back of the pocket page on the left of the second double spread layout.

Finally, the fourth layout is the page on the right of the second double spread.

I absolutely love the idea of a shaker in my traveler's notebook and I am so grateful to this Pocket Page Notebook (PPN) for giving me that opportunity!!!

And I love how you can change layouts up by layering elements on the clear pocket pages.

You can watch the process video HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a lovely day.