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Trick or Treat - Coffin Gatefold Card

Hi everyone,

Have you ever made a coffin card?
No? Neither have I, so I thought I would try something new.

I found this template from a Martha Stewart product which I was able to download and print out on normal copier paper.


I then cut out the inside of the 'coffin' along the dash lines.
The 'coffin' is approx 2 3/4" W (at its widest point) x 6" H.

Trace this template onto your patterned paper.
Make sure you have 2.

You also need 2 strips of card stock measuring 2 1/4" x 6".
Score each piece at 1/4" and 2" along the short edge.

Next, run a strip of double sided sticky tape along one of the scored flaps and adhere one coffin to it so that it opens to the left of the gatefold card.

In a mirror image, adhere the other strip of the right side of the other coffin so that the coffin opens to the right of the gatefold card.

Next, run double sided tape along the other 1/4" score on each of the card stock strips and adhere them on top of each other to form the back and base of the card.

For the middle part of the card, you will need some patterned paper 3 5/8" x 6".

You can watch the process video HERE

I decided to embellish my card with this cute Witch Stamp I have been using all month.

Here is my gatefold card closed :

Here is is open:

This card is being sent to a friend whom Im swapping with this month.
I decided to attach her ATC's to the inside of the "coffin doors" so that when she opens her card, the ATC's swing out.
The PL card in the middle, is where I will write the sentiment.

I hope this has inspired you to make a gatefold card.
Or at least, you know where you can learn how to make one should you ever need to.

Happy Crafting,