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National Scrapbooking Challenge 2018 ~ Re-scrap your old layouts !

Hey crafty friends,

I'm so glad to be involved in this year's 'National Scrapbooking Day' event!

When Aunty Vera asked me what my challenge was going to be this year, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I have been meaning to get to my old scrapbooking layouts and re-do some of the awful layouts I made earlier in my scrapbooking days when I didn't have many supplies and didn't really know what I was doing.

So, here is my challenge to everyone who knows what I'm talking about!!

Take out your old scrapbooking albums, the REALLY REALLY early ones, and find a layout that makes you CRINGE. 

See that photo? 

It deserves to be scrapped properly!! 

Now, if you can, really gently pull that picture off and match it to some of  your pretty hoarded papers and pull out all those lovely embellishments and washi tapes and flowers and everything else you've been accumulating for this occasion and ....

(they made me do it- those naughty CT girls).

In this intro video, I go through some of my earlier albums and do just that!
I pull out 4 layouts that deserve so much better and I re-scrap them in my style today.

Catch the intro video HERE

And to get you started here is my process video for the first layout that I "rescrap".

You'll find the process video over on that blog post HERE

Join me all this month as I release the next 3 layouts that I re-scrap and I hope you join my challenge because you will go into a draw to win a prize (and because I want to have the most people join my team ;-) )

To enter my challenge, you need to be a member of the Crafty Vera and Friends FB Page

The other ladies are also hosting their own challenges which I encourage you to look out for

Suzanne's Challenge is HERE
Donna's Challenge is HERE
Sarah's Challenge is HERE
Tina's Challenge is HERE

Every challenge you enter makes you eligible to win a prize.

So come on everyone, lets get some scrapbooking and some memory keeping done.

xx Amira