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Harry Potter themed Mixed Media Canvas for Scrapping Fun Kits

Hi everyone,
I have been looking forward to receiving the July Kit from Scrapping Fun Kits because the July theme is Harry Potter inspired and we are a bit 'potty for Potter' in this house as we are just about to finish reading the Deathly Hallows.

Check out the unboxing HERE

I was so inspired by the papers that I wanted to make a canvas that my son could keep in his room to remember the 18 months it took us to read all 6 books.

I started off by cutting the papers into 3" x 3 " squares and finally decided on this formation with a long skinny brick wall pattern paper that measured 2" x 7.5".

Next, I grabbed some texture paste and 2 of my stencils and created some bricks and stars on the canvas.

I was thinking of leaving it at this stage and adhering the papers on top but dared myself to go that extra step. 

So I did. 
Firstly, I coloured in the bricks with acrylic paint. 

The colors I used are : 
- Red oxide
- Deep Yellow Ochre
- Yellow Ochre
- Raw Umber
- Burnt Umber

Next, I added Nuvo gold glimmer paste to the stars.

And then reached for my Perfect Pearls which I mixed with water to give a very light color to the background .

The Perfect Pearl colors I used are : 
- Jubilee Blue
- Berry Twist
- Grape Fizz

Next, I adhered the papers.

I was SO careful to try and line everything up but things got a bit crooked.
Oh well- I will cover up my imperfections with my elements.

Next, I pulled out my stamps and coloured in all the characters for the canvas.

These are the Masters of Magic and Students of Magic stamp sets by Kindred Stamps.

When you order the kit, you also receive svg cut files which I used with my Silhouette Studio software and cut out with my Cameo 3.

I adhered 3 cutouts together to make one thick Hedwig and 2 raggedy Dementors.

I also tried my hand at drawing Hedwig.

This was my reference picture.

How it was time to start making the squares.

Square 1 features the Weasley twins Fred and George.
I gave each a sentiment, added the metal charm and the Gryffindor paper clip (which to me is acting like a Nimbus 3000).

Square 2 features the educators- Minerva McGonagall and the great Album Dumbledore.
I love their inspirational quote!

The third square features mini Harry Potter books I made plus a feather donated from my kitty's treasures.

Huge credit to TedArt for this adorable project which you can find HERE

The forth square is a big tribute to Hagrid the giant.

The centre square is dedicated to Snape. Oh how my heart bleeds for Snape.
His heart knows so much love and so much pain.
He had to lose Lily to James and then worse lose her to Voldemort.
His love for her was so great that he protected her son for all those years after and infiltrated the ranks of her murderer to bring him down.
Oh Snape has a special place in my heart.
So too does Alan Rickman- how I was shocked when I heard he had died :(

I adore this sentiment and the word ALWAYS will always make me think of him

The sixth square is also dedicated to the other love story in this saga- Hermione and Ron.
I enjoyed the dynamics that these 2 teens brought to the story and the depth of friendship and forgiveness is so real. Huge credit to J.K.Rowling.

Next to that square is our star Harry Potter and his trusty owl Hedwig and her cage.
I cried when Hedwig died :(

She died protecting Harry from the Death Eaters as they pursued Harry and Hagrid in the air.
She is a hero.

Next comes the villain Tom Riddle in his self proclaimed title of Lord Voldemort.

A true tale of the corruption of power and fear of death.
So much to be learnt from his story.

I placed him on the thin strip with Nagini his Horcrux and 2 dementors.

Beneath him I placed Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy.
Bellatrix is pure evil and I adore Helena Bonham-Carter for portraying her so well and making me hate her.
Draco's story was another fascinating one for me.
Wanting to align with the Dark Side because it was his family's bidding yet realising that that was not who he was or wanted to be. 
Go Malfoy! 
You got there in the end.

And lastly, the strip at the bottom has the Always wood veneer with the sign of the Deathly Hallows replacing the A. 
And we've got Dobby and Luna on either end of that gorgeous Hogwart's Express inspired washi tape.

And lets not forget the Knight bus!!

"The Knight Bus was so-named because, firstly, knight is a homonym of night, and there are night buses running all over Britain after normal transport stops. 
Secondly, ‘knight’ has the connotation of coming to the rescue, of protection, and this seemed appropriate for a vehicle that is often the conveyance of last resort." (Pottermore source)

And there you have it!

My HP canvas Project for Scrapping Fun Kits.

Check out my unboxing and process video HERE

A HUGE thank you to Raelene for sending me this kit.

I had SO MUCH FUN making this project.

xx Amira