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A Wizard's Mixed Media Journal ~ Part 2 ~ HufflePuff's Journal

Hi everyone,

I'm back for part 2 of my Wizard Journal Series.
If you missed it, check out Part 1 HERE

Today's journal is Hufflepuff inspired!

Hufflepuff colors are really a beautiful combination
- Deep Yellow
- Yellow Ochre
- Light Grey
-Dark Grey
- Black

For this journal, I used yarn as a design element.

The spine is my favourite - I love how it turned out although it did give me some grief.
I had applied strips of yarn along the spine but when it had dried I wished I had cut them long enough to wrap around to the front and back just a tad. 
So I extended these with hot glue but that was a disaster as they came right off.
I then added glossy accents to hold down the non-functional glue extensions and then painted the glossy accent dimensional domes gold.

I also love the gold 'gilding' effect around the edges.

Check out my process video HERE.

Thanks for looking.