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Creative and Not Too Neat ~ Darkroom Door stamp & Watercolor Techniques

Hello everyone!!

Today Im playing with this red rubber stamp by darkroom door from the April Kit.

The fact that it says 'you cant expect me to be neat' gives me permission to just sit and make a creative mess so I did!

I cut up some 110gsm cartridge paper to a 4" x 5.75" size and I used my stamping platform to make a panel assembly line. Thisallowed me to get the stamping out of the way and just play afterwards.

For my first lot of cards, I enjoyed splattering and dripping water color paint.

For the next lot of card panels, I decided to create a window around the quote and once again apply a fine spray of black watercolor paint.

Next, I decided to do a horizontal strip pattern  and once again accentuated with black splatter.

Next I grabbed my masking fluid and applied it over the stamped quote and allowed it to dry naturally.

Then I added a layer of black water color paint.
Followed by white splatter.
I then removed the masking fluid to reveal a crisp white outline around the quote.
I also love the negative space from the application of the masking fluid.

I totally adored this technique and went on to make a whole lot more in different colors.

Next, I decided to make a rainbow effect.
How cute is this card!

I went one step further and added an old paintbrush to these panels and created some cards with them.

These were totally inspired by my friend Suzanne, who made a gorgeous arty canvas. You can check it out HERE.

So here are all my arty and not too neat cards!

Please do go ahead and check out the process video- I have my little helper along with me and he creates as I create and we also did the voice over together so it's sure to bring a smile to your day.
Check it out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and go get creative!