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A Wizard's Mixed Media Journal ~ Part 3 ~ Ravenclaw's Journal

Hi everyone,

I'm back for part 3 of my Wizard Journal Series.
If you missed it, check out Part 1 HERE
If you missed Part 2, check it out HERE

Today's journal is Ravenclaw inspired!

Ravenclaw's colors are:
- Deep blue
- Light grey
- Yellow Ochre
- Metallic Silver
- Black
After gesso'ing the front and back of the journal, I painted the covers deep blue.
After drying, I added a thick coat of Jo Sonya's crackle medium and allowed that to air dry.
Next, I added a coat of yellow ochre with a dry brush in a haphazard formation.

I did achieve a little 'crackle effect' but not as significant as I would have liked.
But when compared to the inside of the covers (no crackle medium applied), you could really see and feel the difference.

When all was dry, I rummaged through my cutting dies and decided on a frame and 2 sized of feathers. I die-cut them out of card board and double layered them for a raised effect.

The final step was adding Deco Art Venetian Gold around the edges in a thick application and then heating till 'bubbling' with a heat gun to give a textured gilded feel.
The inside of the covers were just painted cleanly with the gold.

You can watch my process video HERE.

I hope you enjoy.