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A Wizard's Mixed Media Journal ~ Part 4 ~ Gryffindor's Journal

Hi everyone,

I'm back for part 3 of my Wizard Journal Series.
If you missed it, check out Part 1 HERE
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Part 3 can be found HERE

Today's journal is (my house) Gryffindor inspired!

Gryffindor's colors are:

~ Primary Red & Wilted Violet to make maroon
~ Burnt Umber
~ Red Oxide
~ Deep Yellow
~ Black

I mixed primary red and wilted violet to make the characteristic maroon color of Gryffindor.
Next, I used hot glue to create the 4 corners on each of the front and back covers.
I also added hot glue on the spine (love this!).
Next, I used a stencil and structure paste to create a design for the front cover (I do regret covering that eye but there was no other place for the label!).

Next I layered black and gold on the hot glue elements and added the yellow to the raised stencil designs.

I once again added thick Venetian Gold along the edges and 'cooked' them for a textured gilded look.

For the audio in the process video, I decided to read an excerpt from Chapter 28 - Snape's Worst Memory. This is my favourite albeit painful scene for me and we discuss it often - my kids and I.
How good people can do mean things. How, if you don't watch yourself, you can be a mean bully. How even good people can make mistakes. How everyone is worth being respected. So many life lessons here. I also hope for an upcoming trilogy (I'll settle for movie) of the formative years of James and Lily at Hogwarts.

You can catch the process video HERE.

xx Amira