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Pocket Page Notebook Swap 2018 ~ #2 ~ My Hometown

Hi everyone,

I am back for another layout in my Pocket Page Notebook. This is part of a swap I am involved in for The Stamp Spot. My partner and I have decided on a theme "my hometown" and I am so excited to be sharing my hometown of Perth with you all.

I started off by collecting some tourist brochures and I set about cutting out images of popular places in Western Australia.

All the sites fell into 4 distinct categories which are:

1- Perth and Fremantle

2- Rottnest Island & Pinnacle Desert

3- Western Australia's North Coast

4- Western Australia's South West

 So proud to call Perth my hometown!!

I have a process video for you to watch HERE

I would love to know where you call home.
Leave me a comment below.

xx Amira